Timber Forwarding

Chartered Vessels
In cooperation with the chartering department we charter vessels for any destination.

Timber Terminal
Our company operates an effective timber terminal in Riga to meet the high demands of our clients. With our liner vessels we can deliver any amount of timber products or any other general cargo to U.K. and other destinations in the west. Timber agency takes full responsibility of your cargo in our terminal providing customs clearance and phytosanitary control for your timber. We will also provide anti-stain treatment for your goods if necessary.

Transit Service
We will take care of your timber even if it is produced in Russia or other CIS countries. Together with our forwarding department we will handle your cargo all the way from the factory to your destination in Europe and further. Our service is also appreciated by timber exporters from Lithuania and Estonia. Depending on your demands we can forward your cargo by land or sea.

e-mail: hanza@hanza.lv