Freight Forwarding

Railway Service to CIS Countries
We can safely deliver your cargo to any place in Russia and Middle and Far East. We can operate containerized goods and railway wagons between East or Westbound.

Door-to-Door Delivery Worldwide
Our cargo managers will provide door-to-door delivery of your cargo worldwide. We are independent freight forwarders and will help you with any cargo transportation through the Baltic transit corridor.

Bulk Cargoes
Our company also deals with general and tramp cargos like maize, grain sugar and coal on basis ship-railcar. We have also an experience to handle grain, maize and malt through the Riga port elevator as well as chemicals.

Customs Clearance
We will also provide full customs clearance for goods transported through port of Riga. We can organize customs warehousing in Riga and take care of documentation. We have customs declaration service.